Before the Echo (Sequence)

Basic Details You wake up with no idea where you are, very little grasp of what is going on, and a snarky female blasting you with information and commands via intercom. The threads of the tale are woven, between back and forth from the protagonists and squaring off against the resident beasts in dance battles. […]

Pay to Win! : Purchasing Advantages in Games

We’ve talked about Stormblood quite a bit, and with it now fully up and running, there is something that caught my mind. Through the Mogstation, players of Final Fantasy XIV can purchase extras for their gameplay. For a fee, a character can change their appearance, gain costumes that play homage to other characters both in […]

Fare Thee Well, DisneyQuest

Oh, DisneyQuest, I shall remember you fondly. For those of you who are not in Florida, or visited Chicago between 1999 and 2001, let me bring you up to speed. DisneyQuest is a large arcade constructed by Disney, combining their own franchises with various arcade machines. A multi-floor establishment, entertainment varies from classic arcade racing […]

Make Your Choice: Games of Decisions

Many games give you a straight shot to the end: Mario rushes from left to right to save the princess. Link traverses through his dungeons to face Ganon. Even Master Chief wades through the Covenant in a method that is repeated time and time and time again, and Cloud’s struggle against Sephiroth follows the same […]

Pokemon Gold/Silver

Pokemon has been around for a couple of decades, with various generations having been created. This article is going to focus on the second generation’s first collection, Pokemon Gold and Silver. These were announced at the Pokemon Direct event on June 6th, 2017 to be released on the Virtual Console for Nintendo 3DS on September […]

Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts has come through many years, and many different side games, still awaiting for the numerical third one. It has grown to quite a large beast, but it has its humble origins. Kingdom Hearts is the love child of Square Enix and Disney, a crossover of various worlds being infected by a darkness that […]

Final Fantasy XIV – A Realm Reborn

Premise The second MMO in Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy XIV actually began with a rocky start: many things failed in the eyes of the player, and the response was all around negative. In a surprising move, Square Enix accepted these flaws, going back and building the game back up from the base, before releasing […]

Why Hard Mode?

“Why would you want to play a game on hard?” I looked over at my friend, quirking one eyebrow. “What do you mean?” “Well, this.” She gestured towards the television, Dragon Age inquiring what sort of difficulty she wanted to take on. “It doesn’t change the story any, and I don’t want to get killed […]